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The IUCN SSC Marine Conservation Committee (MCC) aims to ensure that decisions taken by policy-makers and resource managers on the management of marine resources are based on sound and scientific knowledge.

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Photograph credits


Marine Protect Area, Danajon Bank, Philippines. Photo by Amanda Vincent/Project Seahorse

Humphead wrasse. Photo by Patryk Krzyzak

Two "transient" orcas, Unimak Island, Alaska. Photo by Robert Pittman/NOAA

Yellow-edged lyretail . Photo by Jacek Madejski

Emperor penguins. Photo by Lin Padgham

Snappers, Philippines. Photo by Nick Hill//Project Seahorse

Polar Bear, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska. Photo by Alan D. Wilson

Marine iguana. Photo by RAF-YYC, Calgary, Canada

Nudibranch eating Aiptasia couchii. Photo by Parent Géry

Seagrass bed in Florida, USA. Photo by NOAA

Page: Photographs by Nick Hill//Project Seahorse and Amanda Vincent/Project Seahorse